On Sale and Bundles: Steaks

Collection of this week's sale items and pre-bundled packages. Save money and get a variety of products!

Grill Master Package

Fire up the grill with these grill-ready cuts!
Bundled Savings! $9.42 savings
$118.40 $108.98

Flat Iron Steak - 8oz

Flat Iron Steak - 8oz - Individually packaged
Sale $1.40/lb. savings
$14.38/lb. $12.98/lb. Avg. 8 oz.

Father's Day Bundle

4 Steaks + 4 Pork Chops + 8 Burgers + 2 lbs Bacon + 2 Bags of Pretzels

Quarantined Family Meal Plan

Eat well this week and let us help with the meal planning with easy to make meals!
Bundled Savings! $23.64 savings
$198.62 $174.98