Wildlife on the Farm

August 21, 2020

We share our farm with an abundance of wildlife. We have 750 acres total and about 300 of those acres are wooded. We have also built 7 ponds across the farm and a wetland. As I’m getting older I get more pleasure in finding pockets of wildlife. Last weekend I was moving some dirt between our house and a pond to smooth out a hill. As I dug in, I found 6 - 2” diameter baby snapping turtles.   These turtles were fresh out of their eggs which were right next to them (the eggs were like thin rubber). Diana and I carefully moved the turtles to the tall grass at the edge of the pond. I saw one of the bigger turtles nearby so hopefully they will do OK. A couple months ago I saw one of the adult turtles going across our road and put a FF hat on it to show size and posted the pic on Facebook. The turtle got into a hissing/barking match with our dog but eventually kept walking into the woods. I got a lot of grief from people who thought I should have eaten it (turtle meat is good). I explained at the time that I want these turtles to procreate and I want to see lots of snapping turtles in our ponds. Funny how only 2 months later I was blessed to discover a group that had just hatched. They are fun to watch as they are not shy and keep their heads out of their shell and move quickly around.

David Fischer


Aug 7th, 2020

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Jul 31st, 2020

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Jul 24th, 2020

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