Good Bugs

August 28, 2020

In farming there are good bugs and bad bugs.   Good bacteria run the fermentation process to turn a grass or corn plant into a stable good quality feed for the cattle.  Similar to sauerkraut or kimchi.  This year we are adding extra good bugs/bacteria to the silage as we harvest.   University studies show this improves feed quality by 3-5% and reduces spoilage by 5%, netting in more high quality feed and less spoiled feed that makes its way into the cows diet.   Above is a picture of the bacteria tank/cooler that we are installing on our silage harvester.   The bacteria mixture has to stay below 85 degrees to keep the bugs alive.   The bugs are shipped to us as a powder and the bugs are dormant.   We awake the bacteria by mixing them in pond water (regular city water would have chlorine that will kill the bugs).   The bugs will stay alive in the water for 24 hours if we keep it cool.   Interesting any leftover bacteria we can store in a freezer for years and they do just fine.

Joseph Fischer

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