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Creep Grazing into November

November 6, 2020

Creep grazing is in full swing at Fischer Farms.   We have 280 acres of ryegrass that we planted in September and in some places is 16” high already.   We have the momma cows and calves in fields next to the ryegrass and then take down the lower wires of the fence.   The calves “creep” underneath the fence and out into the ryegrass and the mother’s stay behind for silage delivered to them in the bunks.   The creeping out into the ryegrass gives the calves a nice clean environment and good eating.   Another benefit is when it is time to wean these calves we wait for them to all be out on the ryegrass and then close the bottom wires.   The mommas on one side and the calves on the other.   So it’s a very low stress weaning environment.

Joseph Fischer

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