Cooked/Semi-Prepared Products

April 15, 2022

As we’ve mentioned in previous weeks, Fischer Farms is applying for a large USDA grant.  Part of our request is to purchase new meat processing equipment that will reduce our labor and cost.  Additionally we are looking to develop more cooked or semi-prepared meat products. We’ve talked about this a couple of years ago with another grant application that then required a 3rd party market analysis so we couldn’t pursue in time.  This grant doesn’t seem to have that requirement. So we are wondering what our customers would be interested in for cooked or semi-prepared meats.  Some examples include all beef franks, roast beef, philly cheesesteak, precooked primerib, partially cooked hamburger patties. We are particularly interested in cuts that are undersold now and will help us better utilize the carcass.  Please let us know of anything that comes to mind.

David Fischer

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