Cocktail Party!

May 6, 2022

Sorry, not that kind of cocktail party! We are giving our plants a cocktail party of natural biologicals this year.

The mix includes:

Johnson-Su Compost Extract – we bought 800 pounds of compost from a farmer in Arkansas who has worked the last 5 years to perfect the Johnson-Su method of producing high fungal compost.  We then mix this in water to release the bacteria and fungi spores, filter out any big pieces and then put the water in the soil with the corn or sorghum seeds.


Envita soil microbes – these are specific microbes that can literally pull Nitrogen from the air.  The microbes are eaten by protozoa and nematodes that then “release” the Nitrogen into the ground ready for the plant to use.


Humic Acid – This is a fossil fuel that is found on top of coal reserves, it didn’t quite have the pressure or time to be turned into coal.  The humic acids are actually attached to other acids.  These compounds are found in very rich soil and by putting them with the seed we trick it into thinking the seed is in more fertile soil.  The plant develops a larger root system and then a more vigorous plant.


We are using these 3 compounds in almost all of our planted acres this year but will leave some test strips for comparison.

Will keep you posted.

David Fischer

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