All Bulls Are Not Created Equal

September 11, 2020

The following is the performance indicators for a bull that a fellow farmer tried to sell to me. Of course he thought the bull was great, so I asked for the Angus association registration number and looked up his EPDs So my this bull came in below average on all but 3 indicators. Most indicators didn’t have enough data to make a prediction.


Compare the above bull with this one that I bought for $2,500 at a recent Purdue Bull Test Sale. Marbling, Ribeye Area all in top 20%.


We use the below bull on all of our heifers. Top 1% Marbling, Top 2% for Ribeye area. This makes a huge difference and this one bull will be in the genetics of 50 calves this year. Then carry on to another 75 the following year, 125…..We’ve been selecting for high marbling for 18 years now.

David Fischer

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