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Our beef is premium (Restaurant Quality). This means that only young Angus cattle are chosen to be processed for Fischer Farms Natural Beef. The cattle are fed an all vegetarian diet of grain and high quality grasses. All excess fat is trimmed for a lean healthy meat. Finally, beef is aged for 14 days to achieve a premium taste and tenderness only found in fine restaurants. Like a fine wine, the process of aging meat will enhance the flavor as well as tenderize the beef to achieve a premium meat. The meat is hung in a temperature controlled environment that allows the natural enzymes to break down the muscle fibers. This natural process substantially tenderizes and adds flavor to the meat.


Our beef is natural. Natural means no added hormones or antibiotics. Fischer Farms Natural Beef and Pork is hormone free and antibiotic free. Hormones are used as a standard practice in the beef industry to promote fast growth in the cattle. Many heath experts are concerned about how these hormones are affecting humans.

It is standard practice on large cattle and hog farms for antibiotics to be regularly added to the feed. These antibiotics are to prevent illness in the herd and are administered constantly, even to healthy animals. This practice is believed to be contributing to the problem of drug resistant bacteria. Fischer farms only administers antibiotics when the animals are ill. If a sick animal is treated with antibiotics it is removed from our Natural Beef & Pork program.


Our cattle and hogs are raised and processed right here in Southern Indiana.

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